Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th!!

Happy Independence Day!
Did you know the Revolutionary War was prophesied to occur 592 years before Christ was even born?
The American prophet Nephi saw Columbus and the Revolution. Check out 1 Nephi 13:12-20 (pg24 and 25 in the Book of mormon) Nephi knew that the Americas are the Promised Land talked about in the bible and that it was necessary for the inhabitants thereof to have freedom, the ability to use their agency to worship God as they wish.
Because of the Freedom of Religion the book of Mormon was able to be brought forth as a second witness of Jesus christ to prove that Christ's teaching really are the same yesterday, today, and forever! At no other time and in no other place in the world could this be done. I am very grateful for those who died so that we may exercise our freedom; and I am ever so grateful for those who died and sealed their testimonies of the Book of Mormon with their blood so that we may still have it today and be able to make  more informed choices!
God Bless America!
Choose the right :)
 - Sister Madsen

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