Monday, September 16, 2013

Go Break a Bow

This week Sister Turner and I have been focusing on finding more people to teach. We are working with some really really sweet people, we love them! So we hope to find more just like them.
I will send yall some pictures of the scenery over here. It is so pretty! There are so many green trees it blows my mind! ...And sometimes I feel a little claustrophobic because I can't see past all the trees... but then I get over it.
Haha, this week I also read about how When Nephi and his family were in the wilderness they started to experience some hardships. And then Nephi broke his bow; "..which was made of fine steel" he points out, Haha. And Nephi was the only one who wasn't complaining about the conditions. So we have this running joke about how that must have been therapeutic for him.
"Oh, go break a steel bow and get over it."

Anyways... Fall is coming! So all the tall trees will be changing colors! I can't wait to see how everything looks. We are in the country in this area, so when we drive anywhere it is always quite nice. Very scenic ;)
Thank you for all your constant letters - I love you!
God Bless ;)

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