Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference Weekend! :D

I loved conference this weekend!

While many of the speakers said things that touched me; the talks by
Sister Bonnie L Oscarson and Richard J Maynes addressed and confirmed many of the thoughts I have had since before my mission. I wish to share these thoughts with you all this morning :)

Sister Bonnie Oscarson began her talk with the statement: "If you do not have a testimony of the church, now is the time to do what it takes to find that testimony!"
A couple thoughts crossed my mind when I heard that statement. First, she is right. NOW is the time for us todevelop our testimonies, because, as Elder Ochoa expressed, "The perilous times are now upon us!" At a younger age, children need to find their faith because of how crazy the world is becoming! 
My next thought was a question: How do we find our testimony? I then thought about the word 'find'. It is a doing word. To develop faith we must act. I believe the word "faith" to be an action word, a verb. If we wish to have a stronger testimony then we must exercise faith to obtain it. 
 and "Self-discipline"
are verbs that Richard J. Maynes says will help us find and strengthen our testimonies. The best way to gain a testimony of somebody is to LIVE it, according to Sister Oscarson. What better way to gain a testominy of Christ and His gospel than to live it? 
Sister Oscarson challenged us to choose a principle of the gospel and apply it more fully to our lives. If our desire is to know/become like Christ, then we must emulate the characteristics that He has.
All of these attributes of Christ are action words!
As Elder Maynes discussed how we can keep our testimonies in shape, I was reminded of the famous Nike catch-phrase "Just Do it". This gospel is a doing-thing! I will be working harder to live the things taught in church so that I can have a stronger testimony of it. I invite all to join me :) We are promised that as we strive to "Develop spiritual stamina," then we will find peace and strength to endure any trial given to us, which is something that we all need to face these perilous times that are upon us!
I know that is true. I love you all! Have a fabulous week!

-Sister Madsen

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