Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!

     On Christmas Eve we had lots of fun caroling at the Hospital! President Cottle encouraged us all to go as districts caroling, rather than knocking doors. A suggestion that Sister Ramdsen and I loved! We started at the hospital, just visiting a member of the stake, and then we decided to just stay there all night. We worked with a very helpful nurse who gave us lots of patients to sing to. (Sometimes it was because she knew they loved music, and sometimes it was because she thought they needed some Jesus) Only in Georgia. Sister Ramsden and I are the only sisters in our district so we pretty much carried all the elders while we sang. It was very fun!
     We also went to go visit Miss Ana and her son Edrick Bisher. We took them Sparkling grape juice and played games with them. We read the christmas story from Luke 2 and dressed up like the Nativity (pictures to come!). It was such a sweet way to end the night.
      Christmas day I got to skype mi familia. I love them :) We also visited some members and Less-active members. Helped them remember the Jesus-part of Christmas.
Thanks for all the cards and Christmas wishes! 

Warner Robins
I've been here almost 6 weeks already, but the area is fabulous. We are in a city, much like St George with how many stores there are. Nothing like tiny Thomson GA at all! We are also right next to a Military base, so there is a lot more diversity with all the people! Lots of asians, white folk, one or two hispanic here and there. There is also more diversity with religious beliefs. There still tons of baptists, but there are more people here who are not christian at all. And the housing is nicer. The people are richer (because they're in the military). Which is both a positive and a negative. It is not as easy to find people humble enough to teach.

I am the assigned driver, I like driving. Sister Ramsden doesn't like my driving, but that's okay. I drive like my dad.

We were blessed to have two baptisms on Saturday! (Dec 28th) Michelle Henson, and Ana Bisher. Its been a long journey for both of these ladies! We are so excited and happy for them :)

My favorite Mormon Message video! Origin.