Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sept 8

The field is WHITE in Douglas! (D&C:4) Literally. The cotton is ready to harvest! And we have a beautiful family on date for baptism at the end of the month :) Plus a sweet little boy wants to be baptized, his parents aren't members. So his grandma has been bringing him to church and we're teaching him the lessons too. He should be baptized on the 27th as well! 

This past week has been great! We've been challenging the people we are working with to take a step of faith and come to church with a question in mind for God to answer. Any question! This church is based on revelation and I know God will answer any question they have! Heidi and her girls took our challenge and they all receive answers their first time at church! I just love the gospel, I have never been so happy in my life! Probably because I have never kept the commandments so closely in my life. I know there is power in keeping the commandments! Mosiah 2:41

Today we are going to a mexican restaurant for my bday with the elders. Its my favorite, it is authentic! Georgia has NO good mexican, except for this place! 

Love you so much! Stay blessed!
-Sis M

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