Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

Brittany got baptized this week! It was such a wonderful and special service. She really wanted her grandpa to give the opening prayer, he is a baptist preacher. Boy, that prayer was awesome! Haha.

 ​rest of the ​
program was very spiritual and afterwards Brittany got up and gave her testimony. It was so sweet and pure, she talked about how the water felt different to her from normal shower or pool water, and how she knows she made the right decision. Afterwards we had cookies and punch :) It was great!

One day last week we hit a slump in our time. It was really hot and the middle of the afternoon, but with no one home we had no other choice but to start knocking on doors. I admit I wasn't as excited as I should have been to do it, but I knew that it was the best use of our time. The first house we went to already had people outside, I was prepared to attempt a small conversation and ask for referrals, yet was surprised to realize that the lady outside really wanted to hear our message! She gathered her daughters together and they ate up everything we taught them about the Restoration! They asked such wonderful and inspired questions, and the feedback/answers they gave us were so spot-on. They truly understood the message we were teaching, they felt and recognized the Spirit, and they really want to be baptized. It was the ideal lesson that missionaries dream about! We left them with a Book of Mormon, the mom told us the she was so excited to read it! We hope and pray that this family will be protected from opposition so that we can continue to teach them.

You are glorious! Be safe, and be smart!
-Sister M

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