Monday, August 11, 2014

July 7 & 14

July 14

Thinking of you. Wishing you a great week!
Here is a wonderful scripture that I found this morning:

D&C 45:3-5
"Listen to him who is the advocate with the Father, who is pleading
your cause before him—
Saying: Father, behold the sufferings and death of him who did no sin,
in whom thou wast well pleased; behold the blood of thy Son which was
shed, the blood of him whom thou gavest that thyself might be
Wherefore, Father, spare these my brethren that believe on my name,
that they may come unto me and have everlasting life."

Sis M

July 7

This Fourth of July took me back to last year on the 4th. That's what we did, we hiked MILES --(in the pouring rain) in some nasty weeds! --to get to a neighborhood that my trainer wanted to tract. I had to really hold on to my purse and scriptures under my little umbrella so they wouldnt get soaked. By the time we got there the rain stopped long enough for us to ring out our skirts and our socks and start knocking. No one really cared about how the Book of Mormon prophesied about the Revolutionary war, (I thought it was a good idea). Its not. We walked home. The sketchy little BBQ shack that we wanted to try wasn't open anymore, so we made up something else for dinner. It was a good day.

But this year, we were way more productive! We planned out our whole week with things to do every hour of every day, then we went out to do some teaching before our lock down at 6pm. We met lots of Less Active members, found some new investigators, talked to a Jehovah's Witness, and had a super spiritual lesson with a lady named Melvis. We were reading the 1st chapter of Nephi with her and she said she had a vision like Lehi, she's coming back to church. It was cool. And then we went home and celebrated Sis C's half bday by making fireworks pancakes and omelettes for dinner. The zone leaders somehow tricked us into making some for them too, and the Spanish elders brought us some hamburgers that they grilled. It was super good :)
We met a cool hispanic guy names Adalberto. But I call him Fernando because I cant say his name. He prayed for us in the first visit, which is a MIRACLE because hispanics are always catholic and never want to go to church or say anything other than the Lord's prayer! But he understands the importance of prayer and wants to have a more personal relationship with Heavenly Father.
We have a baptism coming up on the 25th, for a young lady named Brittany. Last night we taught her and her husband about the Atonement. I LOVE teaching about the atonement! It is so wonderful and special to know that we can always have hope, no matter what our past has been like, for the future! I am so grateful for Christ's sacrifice for us and the opportunity I have to share this wonderfulness with others!
May your week be blessed :)

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