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June 23 & 30

June 30

So I was transferred. I am currently serving in the Douglas, GA 2nd ward,Tifton stake. Its the deep south! The accent here is way stronger, and the people are super country. I love the country! I am serving with Sister Emily Chidester from Sacramento. She came out with Sister Wheelwright. No new sisters came to the mission this transfer, so there wasn't anyone to be trained. That's okay. They call me the "greenie buster", because I am usually assigned to sisters just out of training. Or to those who need to learn better habits. 
We live in the same apartment complex as 3 other sets of Elders. That's new. Our neighbors are the Zone Leaders, they like to pull pranks. Lame pranks, like putting frogs in our apartment... and a horse skull in our living room. We haven't gotten them back yet, but I am determined to prank them with warm fuzzies. Cookies or something. Unless I have another great idea. MY CAR IS SWEET! Its a new Toyota Corolla, just like my beloved last vehicle. But it's red! :) Sis C is the driver for the area because she knows it better. So I get to relax in the passenger seat. 
This week we got to teach so many people! We had 3 times as many lessons than I usually do, and set 3 baptism dates for really solid people. I am so excited to see the miracles here in Douglas! 

Here's some updates from Sis Wheelwright about Jim's baptism and some other people​:

Dear Sister Madsen,
The day after you left we were at Vicki and Jim's. Vicki kept leaving the lessons saying they just for Jim right cause he is the one getting baptized so she could go smoke instead. I stopped her and told her it was for both. The day of his baptism he came and we took pictures. President and Sister Cottle came with their son. There were so many people the relief society room was full. The whole family came, even Shannon and her boy friend which on Friday Jim said we were going to convert. and he was telling all his friends about his baptism, " with news this good I can't help but share it". then he was baptized can you believe it?! It was such an amazing thing to see! bro day had to do it 2 times, jim said because it was he had all that sin to clean. later that night he wanted to serve and help others. He was confirmed sunday it was great too! he explained though that he was worried to be late so he got frustrated and he didn't want to be baptized like that so he almost didn't go through with it. but he didn't want to flake out on God. he said he felt so peaceful and had confidence when he was being confirmed. at his baptism he heard bro day "praying for him" and though of jesus christ praying for him and was so humbled and felt so clean. He said her would right it all down for you. also they didn't even give him time to bear his testimony at the baptism They all came to church and stayed the whole time! Vicki even commented in sunday school. Shannon got a calling, Ryshenna gave a great talk, and so did Sister Weir she did such a great job and talked about us and how we helped her quit smoking! I wll do my best here. I hope your having a great time there.
Much love, Sis W

Love you, 
       Sister M

June 23

You wont believe the miracles we saw this week.
Last Sunday we sang as a missionary choir for stake conference, led by our Mission President. It was super fun! We sang "This is the Christ". At the conference President Cottle spoke about the prophet Samuel, and how he was so young, yet God used him to do much good! He pointed out that many other prophets were called in their youth; including Joseph Smith. Why did God do this? Because they had so much faith! As we get older and gain more experience and knowledge it is easier to explain away miracles as coincidences. We must always strive to be as little children - full of faith and easily guided by the Lord's hand. It was a wonderful talk!

Our investigators Vicky and Jim Grove came to stake conference! (Held at the Stake center over 30 minutes away) That of itself was a miracle. Jim really benefited from hearing the speakers. He was struggling with how young Joseph was when he saw Heavenly Father and Christ. But that and many of his other concerns were resolved! I wish all of our investigators would come to church services so that they can learn and grow their testimonies! Do we ever think of what we are missing out on when we dont attend all of our church meetings? Also this week Jim read the account of Christ's visit in the Americas. He told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

We watched the Joseph Smith movie with them. This is the highlight of my week, because the spirit was so strong! My own testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restored gospel was strengthened. Afterwards we asked Jim and Vicky if the believed Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Jim beat around the bush a bit, but they both said that they knew he was a prophet! My eyes teared up a bit, I'll admit. It's been quite the process with them! Vicky needs to quit smoking first, but Jim is solidly committed to be baptized this Saturday, the 28th! He is so excited! What an amazing miracle! God truly changes hearts. They both are ...were... very solid in their other religious beliefs, being Evangelical, born again Christians. Now they know that we have the Restored gospel on the earth, and that they can be cleansed from all of their sins through baptism, and be sealed together for eternity by the priesthood power!
So I just wanted to share that with you :) Thanks
I'm also being transferred after 7 months in Warner Robins, GA. Whew! I leave tomorrow morning for my next area.
Love, Sister Karely Madsen

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