Monday, August 11, 2014

March 31 & April 14

April 14

 So Sister Russell got her visa to Brazil! I got a new companion 2 weeks ago. Sister Wheelwright is from Lindon, UT and fresh from the MTC. She is already making a fabulous contribution to the work here in Warner Robins! I love her already.

This week was awesome! We found many new people to teach and saw lots of miracles!
Earlier in my mission I was looking at our area map and wished that there were glowing dots in the places where the people are ready to accept the gospel. If only, right?
But just last week we had an awesome experience! We went to visit a member, but she wasnt home. Instead of just going back to the car and heading off somewhere else, I felt like we should keep walking through the neightborhood a little longer. My intention was to talk to people who were already outside their homes.
We didnt get too far when I saw a porch light turn on and off 2 times down the street. It was really weird, because that light was shining abnormally bright for it being 3:00 in the afternoon. I was reminded of the thoughts I had a few weeks earlier, and I knew that that light was a sign! So we went and knocked on the door and a sweet woman named Juanita let us in. We were able to share the 1st lesson with her, invite her to be baptized, and set up a return appointment for the next week! What a cool miracle!

Also this week we had the blessing of seeing a Less-active member come back to church!! she hasnt been to church in 35 years! I got a picture with her outside the building for proof :)
So many good things are happening in this area! We are so excited! And the members are excited too!
I know that blessings come with obedience. And the best way to show your faith is to live it! Obeying the commandments is what we need to do in this life to have happiness and strength. And we will be so much more blessed in the life to come because of our obedience. I also know that Charity is the key. It is the strongest, noblest, purest kind of love there is. Miracles happen when we have Christ-like love for the people around us.  
Thank you all for all your prayers and encouragement, I know that they make a big difference!

March 31

It has been nice and spring like here for the past couple weeks. I really love it. I will surely miss it when it starts to get hot. I'm pretty nervous for this next summer. I was blessed to be here last summer, because it rained in abnormal amounts. Almost every day it was raining. So it was cooler than normal. But this summer I dont think I will be that lucky. Everyone keeps trying to warn me. 

Fast Sunday was good for us :) The whole ward fasted together for those who are struggling. And I shared my testimony in sacrament. Also, Kevin was baptized Saturday and confirmed yesterday! And his nonmember mom came to both. We invited her to take the lessons, we have an appointment to teach her at the church this Wednesday! Wow. And that is how missionanry work is supposed to be done! Finding new investigators through the help of the ward and part-member families. And the teaching them in spiritual atmospheres. Like member homes or the church. :D
Did you like the Women's conference?

We had our transfer calls on Saturday. My current companion, Sister Russell, is leaving the country tomorrow (visa waiter for brazil), so I am getting a new companion. I'll be training a new sister! I'm so excited and scared to death!  Wish me luck. And pray for us. I just want to do a good job for this sister.

I love you lots! Have a good week :)
Sis K Madsen

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