Monday, August 11, 2014

March 24

Things are crazy here this week. Last week of the transfer, and my companion is being shipped off to Brazil! Wish me luck :)
Yesterday was quite eventful! I decided to do a special fast yesterday for the people in the area. So that made church really nice and spirit-filled. We met with the Ward Council yesterday, and confirmed their approval for a 9 year old boy to be baptized (there's been some drama with his family recently) But they said they wanted to go forward with it. 

We taught the Gospel Principles class also. The lesson was on "The Church of Christ Today". Which is basically the Restoration, and first missionary lesson. No investigators or less active members came to church :/ But there were some recent converts in there that I hope benefited from the lesson. I asked them to share their testimonies of the restored gospel at the end of class and that helped us end on a positive note. We emphasized how important it is to share the gospel with everyone because we are the only ones who have the whole truth! And the only ones who have the correct authority and power of God. No one else can claim to be the exact same church that Christ organized.

At the start of RS yesterday the Bishop pulled us out of class and asked us to follow up on a situation. The lady was so sweet and surprisingly calm and collected considering the trial she is facing. She asked us to pray with her. I said the prayer... that was really hard. But my testimony grew as I was reminded of the healing power and blessings of the atonement. So I called on those blessings to help her through. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have of the gospel and the spirit world and the Atonement. 
We also got to help get some food for another family yesterday. We originally called one member in the ward for info about Food Banks, and she ended up giving the family 5 or 6 big paper bags of food. Grains, meat, lettuce, yogurt, etc. Bless her heart. It made that family so happy. they are having a hard time right now.
It truly is the errand of angels.
Hope you have a week that is not too stressful, and do lots of fun things!
Loves to my shlebs! =D
- Sis K Madsen

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