Monday, August 11, 2014

July 21

This week has been great. I really really love Douglas! The people are
as sweet as the peaches and my companion, Sister Chidester, is

Last week we found a few more investigators and reconnected with some
former investigators. We also got a few referrals from members, that
was great! Our best investigators are always the ones who have a
friend or family member in the ward. One sister wants us to start
teaching her grandson, and another YSA girl is leaving on a mission in
a couple weeks. She has been introducing all her nonmember family to
us. We are teaching her aunt tonight at the church. I think she would
really love LDS once she gets past the "we dont speak in tongues like
that" and the stillness of the sacrament meeting. She is holiness

We are teaching a sweet lady named Fannie. She is 90 years old. She
still cooks and cleans her house. Sometimes she has nurses come by
that help with groceries, but she said they steal from her a lot so
its risky for her to let them in much. We read her the Book of Mormon,
she says she understands it, but when we ask her questions her answers
prove otherwise. But, she loves it when we read to her, so we keep
going once a week or so. We are helping prepare her for the spirit
world I guess. I was asking her about her youth and she said she only
went to school through 5th grade, then she had to work in the fields
and keep house. I forget that all the civil rights stuff happened in
the prime of her lifetime. I wonder if she ever thought she would have
two white girls sitting on her sofa having 'bible study'. I think she
was uncomfortable when I asked if I could fix her supper for her.
Please pray that I dont get sick! We have been going to Brittany's
house a lot because she was on date for baptism this Saturday. She and
her husband, and the whole farm got sick. Its a bad flu virus. We dont
want to spread it around Douglas. But if there's an epidemic, then we
know to blame Some guy named Chauncey who works on the farm with them.
We had to move Brittany's date to later in August because she hasn't
made it to church for awhile. She was on the verge of tears when we
told her because she was so excited. I was really sad too. But it will
be better this way, now she understands the importance of church
attendance and staying active after her baptism. Please pray for her
Last week we were going to see a member and one girl stepped out of
her apartment for literally 10 seconds. She was about to go inside but
we asked if she wanted a picture of Christ. She said yes and we asked
her if she was 'very religious'? She said no. We asked if she would
like to be; she said 'yes!' and let us right in. We taught her the 1st
lesson and put her on date for baptism in August. We are the Georgia
Macon Miracles Mission :)

-Sis M

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